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About Green Mountain Club Worcester Section

The Green Mountain Club (GMC) is “the founder, sponsor, defender and protector” of Vermont’s Long Trail, a 270 mile hiking trail from the Massachusetts state line to the Canadian border.  The Appalachian Trail overlaps the southern half of the Long Trail.

The GMC has 14 regionally-based chapters, or “sections”, that maintain specific areas of the Long Trail. The GMC Worcester Section actively maintains the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail from Stratton-Arlington Rd. to the Winhall River crossing. Our section includes the summit of Stratton Mountain and the Stratton Pond Shelter.

The GMC Worcester Section is honored to steward the trail that inspired the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail. In 1909, James P. Taylor was on Stratton Mountain when he conceived the idea of a trail from Massachusetts to Canada, which became the Long Trail. Around a decade later, Benton MacKaye, while on the summit of Stratton during Long Trail construction, conceived the idea of a trail spanning the entire Appalachian Range.  More about our history here.

The Worcester Section owns and maintains a camp on Cedar Meadow Pond in Leicester, Mass.

Our outings are open to everyone, and we charge no fee for our events. Our outings are usually day trips around central Massachusetts, but occasionally extend beyond that.


The Green Mountain Club, Worcester Section, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation in Massachusetts and operates as a chapter of the GMC under the terms of the GMC bylaws, while maintaining its own set of bylaws. Membership is open to any person without restriction, except for required payment of annual dues. Please use the contact form to reach out to any of us.

GMC Worcester Section Officers
Ram Moennsad, President
Patricia Faron, Vice President
Lisa Carpenter, Secretary
Margos Stone, Treasurer
Mike Peckar, Director
Pat Howe, Membership

GMC Worcester Section  – Committee Chairs
Ram Moennsad, Camps
Steve Crowe, Trails & Shelters
Sherron Carson, Nominating Committee
Janet Stone, Newsletter

MidState Trail

The MidState Trail is a hiking trail in central Massachusetts that extends 95 miles from Rhode Island border to New Hampshire.  Members of the GMC Worcester Section have been deeply involved in its inception, build-out and ongoing maintenance. When formed in the 70’s, the MidState Trail Committee was not affiliated with any group but comprised of many GMC Worcester Section principals and longtime members including Lester Vielle, Bob Humes, Bob Eaton, Bob Elms, Rolf Larson, Stan Whitman, Ed Farron and Marie Auger. Today, the Mid State Trail Committee runs under the auspices of the Worcester chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club.

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